Hey, I'm Conrad 👋

I'm a self-taught software engineer from the United States. I'm currently pursuing full-stack web development to create stunning user experiences on the front-end, and scalable and secure infrastructure on the backend.

What I Do 💭

I'm passionate about everything in technology; from designing and developing software, to understanding how the many moving parts of the internet work together, to cybersecurity, programming, and so much more. I strive to learn more about these things every day, and utilize my knowledge to further understand how or why the technology around us works.

Technologies 💻

I use a variety of tools to streamline my development process and increase the quality of both my code, and my projects. Below is a list of technologies and languages I've had experience with in the past, or use currently.

  • Projects 🛠️

    In my free time, I enjoy creating open source projects on GitHub, so I can learn from others and share what I know. In total, all of my open sourced projects have earnt me 1155 stars on GitHub, and 174 forks. Below are some of my most popular repositories.

    Conrad Crawford

    Software Engineer • 2024